Diesel Lubricity Improver

product introduction
The national quality supervision and administration, national standardization committee GB19147-2009 promulgated for implementation The standard of "vehicle diesel, stipulated the diesel lubricity index, request grinding mark diameter is not more than 460 Microns (60 ℃). My company JHR - developed and Ⅱ series diesel lubricity improver, Lord For each production low sulfur diesel oil refineries, conduce to the refinery production by GB19147 vehicle diesel 2009 standard lubrication in performance indicators.

Especially sexual
Biodiesel lubricity refers to diesel can prevent diesel injection system wear properties. Hydrotreating process can reduce diesel of sulphur, but also can reduce diesel lubricity, because hydrotreating process will greatly reduce the lubricating ability strong polarity and the content of aromatic compounds, making it possible for low sulphur fuel lubricity greatly reduced. 
JHR - Ⅱ has the following features: 
Improve diesel lubricity; 
Reduce fuel injection system wear, thus increasing engine life; 
Protecting fuel tank and pipeline from corrosion; 
Do not affect the nozzle clean. 
JHR - Ⅱ diesel lubricity improvement through the precise harmless, and would not affect sexual test of its diesel 
He properties, including low temperature characteristics, hexadecane value, storage stability, developmenttrend compatibility, spray 
Mouth scaling features, not with diesel in the process other additives interactions.

Physical and chemical properties

amber liquid
fatty acids
Flash point:
Density (20 DHS C) mg/cm3
Pour point (DHS C)

< -10

Motion viscosity (50 DHS C) / mm2. S - 1

< 50

Operation and accommodation
JHR - Ⅱ lubricity, not need special octane operation of the equipment. Storage and add agent equipment can use carbon steel, stainless steel, polypropylene and polyethylene and fluoro Aaron. Avoid using natural or synthetic rubber. 
Suggestions add agent for online plus agent, the method in diesel hybrid before joining lubrication improver. Site JHR used, can be Ⅱ join tanks cycle - in oil. In any case, in order to achieve good harmonic effect, diesel temperature should be held in paraffin ° C temperature 10 appear above Suggestions for 25-300ppm add dose.

Packing specifications 
200L standard barrel packaging or according to user requirements packaging.

The matters needing attention 
JHR - Ⅱ additives on the human body without special damage, but like other oil additives is same, should avoid contact with skin and eyes. During operation should wear the corresponding protection equipment.

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